Crazy Collie Guy?

Art Blue Merle Collie Collie Art Dog herding Rough Collie Sable Sheltie Smooth Collie Tri color White Collie

I am crazy about dogs.  More specifically...herding group dogs.  Even more specifically...Collie Dogs.  Rough Collie Dogs.  I have been owned by a lot of them.  I think about them every day.  I draw them because I am driven to draw them.  Crazy?  Maybe.  A lot of the ladies I know call themselves "Crazy Dog Lady".  I can't go that far.  

I draw them when I wake up at 5AM every day, and I draw them during the day.  I draw them at night.  I never get better at it... I just love the cartoony style that I have independently achieved.  They make me happy.  Here is todays Collie Dog. A White.  

I pray that your evening is full of confidence, peace, health, and warmth between you and your fellow humans...and dogs.    cbheubach

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