Freedom isn't Free

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We have all heard the words; "Freedom isn't Free." 240 plus years of our history has proven this. Although the Declaration of independence suggests that we all have an unalienable right to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". The definition of the word "unalienable" suggests that it cannot be denied. World history has proven for centuries and it remains today that evil persons seek to deny these basic rights.

My point is simple. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not guaranteed. It is protected by animals, and women and men who write a blank check to the government for up to and including their lives. It is also subject to individual responsibility to do the right defend our country against all evil...from within and without.

On Memorial Day we honor those who lost their lives honoring the check that they wrote. Women, Men, Dogs, Horses, and more. We grieve them until noon. And then we raise our flags to full staff in Victory! That victory that they won with their precious lives must be celebrated as well. It is what they would want.

On Memorial Day flags will be raised to full mast at Sunrise, and then immediately lowered to half mast. At noon we shall raise our flags in victory for those lost on the battlefield and in support of freedom, as without victory we would fly no flags at all.

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